Palm Beach Members Club



When you want to take a holiday at Palm Beach Club it is imperative that you inform the resort beforehand of your arrival.
Check your dates for this year and next on the 2020  or 2021 calendars below by following this link.

If you are a FIXED week owner please fill in the Fixed holiday booking form as below soon as you have your flight details.
If you are a FLEXI week owner then you have no need to contact us unless you wish to arrange a holiday by filling in the Flexi holiday booking form below
If you will be letting friends use your apartment you can also inform the Club of their arrival on the relevant booking form below.

Choose one of the following options & book in using the corresponding forms.

FIXED WEEK booking form

If you are planning on visiting palm Beach this year, this is where you let us know.

Take a look here at the chart with this years arrival dates showing when your weeks will start,

Simply fill in the booking form named FIXED if you are a Fixed week owner and FLEXI if you are a Flexi week owner and press the Book your FIXED / FLEXI week now button to send it to us. You can send a message to us with any specific requests you may have.

FLEXI WEEK booking form

Send a friend! booking form

Your friends and family are always welcome at palm beach when staying in an owners apartment.
Simply let us know the name and number of the guests you will be sending and we will book them in.

Bank my week booking form*

* Option BANK only available for fixed week owners

If you are not able to come this year in your designated week this is where you let us know.

This option is available to all members who don’t wish to come in their own weeks, for whatever reason. Put your weeks in our bank for future use (up to 3 yrs) please remember that Peak season has been created due to the high demand of school holiday weeks & unless you are a peak owner you cannot exchange into this band.
swap prices are;
Exchanging within your own colour band costs 33€
Exchanging up a colour band from green time to yellow or yellow to red time costs 53€
Exchanging up 2 colour bands from green to red costs 106€

Request a week from the bank here

Rent my peak week booking form*

* Option RENT only available for fixed peak week owners ( weeks 27 – 39)

The rental pool is open to red week owners only at the moment, once you put your week into the rental pool it is not availble to swap, bank or use it. simply let us know by email that you wish to rent it out and we will endevour to do this.
The maintenance fees for the following year are automatically credited with the total and your following bill will read 0 €
For Palm Beach members wishing to bring friends or family or for members wanting to stay extra days you can rent in here.
Members are entitled to 15% discount off our usual prices.

Rent out extra time here

For everyone fancying a change of scene you can exchange your week through these companies…

Any member can deposit their week with either Interval International or Dial an Exchange to swap their holidays into other destinations, the process is very easy. Follow the links above to contact either company directly for details.
Joining fees vary.

If you are wanting to give up your weeks holidays here ….

  • You  have 2 choices here.
  1. You can either just return your holiday certificates to us at Palm Beach and we will remove your details from our active members database, you will not be liable for any fees in relation to your apartment and the ownership of your week returns to the club.
  2. You also have the possibility to choose one of the following companies to resell the week for you. Please follow this link to see the names of legitimate timeshare resale companies. There are a lot of cowboy outfits who promise astronomical figures to you and then expect a fee upfront, please dont be tempted, any company requiring an upfront amount to register with them is a scam.