Annual rates and payment

Hello member!

The annual fees amount this year, as agreed in the latest AGM in 2019, is 355€ per week.

Below you will find the credit card payment method. You can also pay via transfer (details on your bill) or via telephone calling the following telephone number: +34 952 370 039.

Please, it is important you include a description of payment including:

1. Your surname
2. The week/s you own
3. The year for which you are paying your maintenance

We have created an example of a correct description:

Burgin – weeks 31&32 – year 2020.

You will also find an empty field to fill in with the exact amount for which we will charge you.

If you need us to send you proof of payment, please contact us directly after making payment and we will prepare it for you.

Pasarela de pagos del Hotel Palm Beach Club

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