Palm Beach Members Club


Winter Office Hours

1 Nov – 1 May
Daily 9 am – 7 pm

Summer Office Hours

1 May – 1 Nov
Daily 7.30 am – 11pm

We do not have reception outside of these hours. If you will be arriving late you must call us to arrange for your keys to be left in the checkin machine / Key dispenser.

The Palm Beach Club ( Palm Beach Aprovechamiento Intervalo por Turno s.l. or PBAIT for short) has 18 apartments in a timeshare scheme that has its own constitution which has been created for a period of 80 years.
We have Fixed time and Flexi time weeks in the club.
We have an annual general meeting in April where we get together and discuss matters pertaining to the running of the club and the setting of the maintenance fee for the following year.
There are 4 comittee members who are voted anually to oversee the good running of this club, at present they are;

Mike Eagle, Uk.

Jim Dey, Uk.

Brian Cotton, Uk.

Geoff Snowden, Uk

Fixed Time

Fixed week members always have to come and go in their respective week and always on a Saturday.  See the list of check in dates by clicking on the  calendar link above and downloading a calendar.

Flexi Time

Flexi members are not tied to any week or apartment but can choose which type they prefer by requesting upon booking. Flexi members can split their original 1 week into individual days and stay for a 3 day and later a 4 day breaks & can check in and out on days other than Saturday.

New Check in days

I hope you have read about the change to your check in day which has been agreed by those present at the AGM.
For those of you able to still get reasonable flights on Saturdays from your local airports then this will probably not affect you at all, you can carry on as always with your usual Saturday check in, the dates of which are listed above.
For those of you, especially our Hungarian & Czech members, who have been hugely disrupted by the lack of availability for Saturday flights, this is for you.
You can now check in /out on any day with previous confirmation from us.

– You may not always be able to stay in your own room and if we have to offer you something else it will be to a similar standard as your own, but may have a different outlook.

– You must spend at least 4 days in your own week number.

– There is no charge for this service.

– Apartment Changes – swaps mid holidays will not be offered as this creates more work for the cleaning staff.

Contact me as soon as possible & confirm your check in day before you book your flights!